Neurofeedback and Counseling of Columbus  Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to Neurofeedback and Counseling of Columbus.  Call us at 614-203-0104  and we can discuss how we can help you.  We are located at 4041 North High Street on the 4th floor in Columbus Ohio.

      Neurofeedback, Counseling,  Biofeedback, BAUD, EMDR

At Neurofeedback and Counseling of Columbus we specialize in traditional counseling along with brain based therapies such as neurofeedback, biofeedback, EMDR and BAUD.    Some of our clients come for just traditional counseling and some for just neurofeedback but many find a combination of traditional counseling and brain based therapies most effective.  Some areas we specialize in are as follows:
  • Anxiety - Social phobia, general anxiety, tics due to anxiety, agoraphobia,  panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder. 
    • Therapy to help understand how your brain perceives the anxiety and to help change those maladaptive patterns.
    • Neurofeedback for all anxiety if desired.  Neurofeedback is a great help to eliminate anxiety --many times better than medication.
    • BAUD for specific anxieties: phobias, PTSD, social phobia, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia.  
  • Trauma - Trauma can affect all aspects of your life.  Even traumas that you think you have pushed out of your conscious thought continue to affect your emotions and behaviors. 
    • Cognitive behavioral Therapy and Supportive Therapy to help you understand how your brain perceives the trauma
    • EMDR to break up the trauma and to help change those maladaptive patterns.
    •  Neurofeedback to help calm the brain. 
    • BAUD for calming the brain and allowing the repressed trauma to escape.  
  • Depression - Depression causes you to have an inaccurate negative view of yourself. We call these brain tricks.  Your own brain is tricking you into feeling worthless. 
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy and Supportive Therapy to help you understand the tricks.
    • Neurofeedback is outstanding for depression.  Especially if you do not want to use medication.             
  • ADD/ADHD - Combination of Neurofeedback and HEG Biofeedback - Many children and adults have been able to eliminate their medication.   Others have been able to significantly reduce their  medication or improve their symptoms while on medication. 
    • Neurofeedback, Biofeedback   
  • Executive Dysfunction - Is  your child always late with assignments, losing papers, seems to have little direction in school or life?  Are they not really interested or enthusiastic about anything?  This could be executive dysfunction.  This disorder is extremely important because it stops smart people from being as successful as they can be.  I often ask parents if their child has no real goals or road map for success-- kind of like a pin ball in a pin ball machine.I have had very good success with helping these kids and adults become more focused on what is important and become more successful.
    • Combination of Neurofeedback and HEG Biofeedback.   
  • Aspergers/Autism - Anxiety, inflexibility, social issues, temper issues.  Many times these can be improved with Neurofeedback.  Supportive counseling is also important especially during the teenage and early adult years.  
    • Neurofeedback 
    • Supportive Therapy  
  • Headaches - Good results with migraines and tension headaches.  
    • Biofeedback  
    • Neurofeedback
  • Anger and Rages - I have good luck with helping both children and adults with extreme anger and rage.
    • Neurofeedback