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I have included some links that may help explain neurofeedback and the associated research.  I also included a section on QEEG's.   A QEEG is a picture of your brain compared to the average brain.  Brain waves types that are excessive or less than average are highlighted.  The QEEG is used to guide treatment and monitor progress.

 1. See a video of a neurofeedback session 

2. Are you interested in neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD?  This is an excellent summary of the research.  Download the ISNR sponsored study

3. This is a bibliography of the research on neurofeedback.

4. This is a description of neurofeedback 

5. If you are interested in neurofeedback for autism spectrum disorders download this interesting study

6.  QEEG Example - The following is a QEEG example.  The three circles going across look at delta, alpha and beta brain waves as a comparison to the normal sample.  The red is too high and the blue is too low.  This way you can identify areas that are abnormal and target these areas in training.

By Constance Welsh